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At DelMarVa Boat Lifts we are a fully licensed and insured company who prides themselves on prompt professional service. With the service industry expanding every day we try to accommodate your needs with the utmost care.

We are the newest member of the Neptune family and proudly install the newest, fastest all aluminum boatlift on the market today. 

A used 10,000# Golden Lift installed by DelMarVa Boat Lifts.

If your Boat Lift is in good shape will either buy it from you or work with you to sell the unit and credit it toward you next lift.

Why us?

As a company with over 40 years experience on the waters of the bay, we aim to provide the best customer care. With our extensive knowledge of all the major brands of boat lifts on the Chesapeake Bay we feel confident we can fix any problem you might throw our way.

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