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 DelMarVa Boat Lifts LLC. is focused on providing the highest-quality service and guarantee customer satisfaction. At Delmarva, we will do everything in our power to meet and exceed your expectations. We are happy to help customers from all reaches of the Chesapeake Bay, Ocean City and Potomac River ...stretching from Virginia, up through Maryland and throughout Delaware.

One thing that separates us from the rest is that we have the ability to be a "one-stop shop". If you need piling work or pier problem...need the electric and water run to your new lift...we can handle it...Permits too! Before the doors opened at DelMarVa Boat Lifts, we were in the marine construction field serving the Chesapeake Bay for almost 20 years.

Don't want to wait for a permit? 

Elevator Lifts are the way to go!

Now up to 80,000#

We can now get you out of the water without installing any extra mooring poles.

Our elevator lifts are the best on the market and come in a variety of sizes and drives. Shown here is a 10,000# Neptune AMS-EBD Drive. They also utilize a remote control and limiting switch just like the four pole lift.



Try our 10,000# staggered Jet Ski Elevator. Pull straight into the pier as opposed to parallel to it! 

We can CUSTOMIZE lifts to fit almost ANY application.

This lift is sitting on pilings that are 16' wide and 15'6" long PLUS, 22" out of square from bow to starboard.

Cantilever Versatility!

With the ability to stretch our top rails we can use almost any pole configuration including the most common 10' span you see on piers today

Custom Brackets for any situation.

We can have brackets engineered to accommodate your lift in almost any situation.

Position on Site Boat House Lifts

We can also install a lift inside your boat house.

Shown here with a sling application that allows you to lift your boat even in the shallowest of water.

Concerned with the Top Rail and Loading Your Boat?

Don't be! We have ways around it. Just add a walk board and a set of steps. We try to make every project work, so don't be afraid to ask about optional equipment.

Mounting Options

We can mount your new lift in a fashion that suits your needs. Whether its low, mid or high mount.

Low Mount 

with full length step drive shaft cover

Mid Mount. 

With 90% of the boats being stern loaded this is a great option

High Mount. Possibly the best option. Never worry about a storm surge again. This also allows you to walk freely under the top rail.


Looking to earn points or miles. Just charge it.



~American Express

* certain restrictions may apply. A 2.75% fee may added to the total bill.

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